FAQ's for Site Engineering Jobs

There are about 300+ questions under this category. We recommend this course for current college-going students right from the third year of their study. We do not recommend the college students to take this course as a standalone course, as there is a bundle offer where we offer all the 8 modules for a heavily discounted price of Rs.1000/- + GST. Additionally, for all the students who take this Civil jobs training program, we give a coupon code which can be used on our main website www.eccindia.org and avail Rs.16000/- worth of courses such as STAAD, ETABS and Quantity surveying for just Rs.1000/- each.

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How can Civil Engineers get a Job?

To be successful as an engineer, you should have a firm understanding of math and science, a deep social, economic, and cultural awareness, and an enthusiastic fondness for teamwork. Ideal candidates should display an ability to comprehend complex systems, identify the sources of any problems that arise, and decide on which actions to take to fix them. 

The freshers should have the following to have a head start career.

  1. Should start preparing for interviews right from their third year.

  2. Should be well dressed and well mannered.

  3. Should express confidence when they face the interviews.

  4. Should be good at basics.

  5. Should have good communication skills.

  6. Should be able to give a commitment for 3 years in their first job. They should be ready even to deposit their original certificates with a proper appointment letter.

  7. Should be ready for signing a bond assuring the term of the employment contract.

  8. Should be ready to work overtime if the situation demands.

  9. Should be interested to learn more languages, as they should be able to work anywhere in India. 

  10. Should be able to deal politely and assertively with the site workforce

  11. Should be able to accept posting or transfers to any place all over the world. 

  12. They should always be respectful to their seniors and should treat them as their gurus. They should not be ashamed to seek their help if they have any doubts. 

How are the job chances for Civil Engineers in India?

As far as India is concerned, there is no shortage of opportunities for budding civil engineers to cement their careers. Even the statistics back it up. Civil engineering employment is expected to grow by 20% within the next two years. As long as India remains a developing country, the infrastructure projects go in full swing, creating a huge employment generation. We see the metro cities growing into megacities creating more demand for Civil Engineers. There is a huge scope for Civil Engineers in India in various domains such as Hi-rise Building constructions, Highways, Flyovers, Metro train infrastructure, Irrigation projects, Shipyards, docks and harbours, Design of RCC, Steel and Fabric structures, 3D Modeling and walkthrough, Planning and detailing, Quantity surveying, Project Management etc. 

Additional Benefits for students

For the students who take all the interview FAQ modules, there shall be a coupon code that can be applied to any of our software courses such as STAAD, ETABS or QS. One can get any of these 3 courses for Rs.1000/- + GST. Moreover, if people take Module-1 of STAAD.pro, Module-2 will be given free of cost after completing 1st module of STAAD.Pro. 

Who can avail these discounts? 

Only the current college-going students can avail these offers, uploading their college id card. Approval for the commencement of the course will be given within 24 hours of enrolling for the course after verifying the student id-card.